Reiki Healing


I also offer Reiki healing to humans and animals.

Reiki is an ancient form of natural healing. It channels the universal life force through the practitioner to the recipient, enhancing the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Reiki helps to balance the flow of energy throughout the body and has been described as an “inner workout”.

Reiki works on a physical as well as an emotional level. It is a relaxing, non-invasive therapy that involves the transfer of pure and unconditional love. Reiki can be highly beneficial – both emotionally and physically – to animals and humans.


A Reiki treatment costs £ 35.00, excluding any travel expenses. Any additional costs will be discussed and agreed upon when making an appointment

How it works

For human clients, Reiki is given in a therapy room. Clients remain fully clothed and lie on a therapy bed. Healing is usually given by placing the hands gently on certain locations throughout the body. It can also be given by placing the hands just above these points on the body, should you not want any contact.

Treatments are payable at the end of each session, which lasts an hour.

For animal clients, Reiki is done at the owner’s residence, in a place where your animal feels calm and relaxed. Animals decide for themselves when they have received sufficient healing, but most treatments tend to last for around 20 minutes.

Treatments are payable at the end of each session.

To book a Reiki treatment, please send an email to: or call me on 07817 510842.