Animal Communication


There are so many ways in which we can communicate with animals. Sadly, many people never go beyond a one-way conversation. Scepticism and fear is often what holds us back!

The experience of communicating with an animal feels completely magical, even though it is actually quite a simple and natural process that involves telepathy. Unlike humans, who rely largely upon the spoken word and physiognomy to communicate, animals are far more tuned into their environments, combining sight, sound, smell, taste and touch to interact at a more advanced level.

We can receive messages from animals in many different ways – as an image, a voice in our heads, an emotion, an odour or a sensation. It involves calming our busy mind and connecting heart-to-heart with the animal.

The majority of my animal communications are done remotely using a photograph of the animal. Examples of the types of communication I have engaged in include:

  • helping guardians to support their animals when they are ready to pass over
  • gaining greater insight into how animals are feeling about certain situations, to identify how they may be supported more effectively by their guardians
  • assisting with the identification of potential health problems


The standard cost for an animal communication is £ 45.00. Discounts are usually offered if there is more than one animal for whom you would like a reading. From time to time, special offers will apply. Therefore, the fee payable will be confirmed with you when you book your communication.

How it works

Animal communications require you to book and pay online. Please email me first before making a payment, so that I can schedule a time for your communication. On receipt of your booking, I will ask you to send me a photograph of your animal by email and to provide some basic information.

Once I have made contact with your animal, we will arrange a time for a call to discuss the information I’ve received. It is important to understand that the communication between myself and your animal is entirely dependent upon the information your animal chooses to disclose or share with me. It is my job to convey the information I receive without interpreting or judging its meaning. This is to avoid influencing the communication based upon my own personal experiences or thoughts.

All information provided is subject to your own interpretation and does not constitute or substitute for medical, personal or other advice. I am not a veterinarian, nor am I medically trained, therefore if your animal is unwell or displays behavioural problems, I will advise you to seek professional help.

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